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lamexlust's Journal

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Welcome to lamexlust!

This community is dedicated to nothing. There is no specific reason why it was created. There are no real reasons to join or even really care.

There are only a few rules that MUST be followed in lamexlust.

-No advertising other communities!! Please, you are in lamexlust, you are NOT in a community advertising journal!!

-Tasteful nudity ONLY. If you DO have a nude pic(limit is one per post) YOU MUST put it behind a cut and give the proper warning.

-Don't yell at someone about how they dress, or how they talk, or why they posted, or what they said, or anything like that. This is NOT a community to judge others. THIS IS NOT a rating community.

-If you state any negative comments toward another member (in a comment or a post on this community) you will get a warning. 3 warning and you are gone, I'm keeping track!

-PLEASE, since there are only a few rules, don't think that means you can post just a whole entry about how great your weed was, or how wonderfully in love you are, or what awesome sex you had. We don't really give a shit about those things. They are all peachy keen, but you have your OWN JOURNAL for that. kthnxbye.

Your mod, neonpirate